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Training & Services

Rescue City provides a comprehensive/aggressive approach to training, through practical application, while maintaining a safe learning environment.  Courses can be developed to accommodate your skill level.

Training Courses

  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Majority of our classes are "hands-on"
  • Fun, safe realistic learning environments
  • Reference material provided
  • Instructors are active rescue team members
  • Instructors maintain mandatory annual continuing education requirements
  • References/resumes available upon request
  • Ask about auditing a class!

Courses may meet or exceed the NFPA 1670 Standard on Operation & Training for Technical Rescue Incidents & NFPA 1006 Professional Qualifications.

  • NFPA Awareness Level Courses
  • NFPA Operations Level Courses
  • NFPA Technician Level Courses
  • Company Level USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)
  • Company Level Rope Rescue ( "Rapid Access" "Reach & Treat" )
  • Advanced Rope Rescue Techniques Classes
  • Team Skills Workshops
  • Team Evaluation Workshops
  • Host Agency Program
  • Consulting
  • Equipment Cache Assesments
  • Other designed courses to meet your needs!


Rescue City will bring quality training to your agency while training in your environment. Several different formats are available to meet your needs. Smaller agencies can share training costs with bordering jurisdictions and coordinate mutual aid. Departments can save on food, lodging, and out of town training costs. Rescue City instructors will evaluate your current target hazards and assist in developing an incident action plan


Team Skills Seminars: Rescue City will evaulate your team's current skill and build upon it accordingly, utilizing the latest and most widely accepted rope rescue techniques. Rescue City will provide your team with realistic scenario based evolutions challenging your team's ability to work in a dynamic tech rescue environment.


Rescue City maintains a student paced reality based training schedule with minmal to no downtime, the majority of our courses are "hands on". Our learning environment is well organized yet flexible to the needs of our students. Our Awareness, Operations, and Technician level courses may meet or exceed the standards set forth by NFPA Standard 1670 and NFPA 1006. We offer entry level, as well as, advanced courses. Our courses are not the type of courses that allow for students to "hide out" without participation. We pride ourselves on maintaining a low student to instructor ratio which allows for managable class sizes.

Rescue City maintains the philosophy that there are no experts in the field of technical rescue, it is the responsibility of our instructor group to maintain an aggressive expansion of our own knowledge base. Our courses are developed and delivered without the involment of egos. We believe there are many different tools available to accomplish the common goal. We encourage teams/students to seek out the tools that are available from various sources in this field.