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New Classes! "Your're First In" Rescue Series

"Company Level" Rope Rescue ("Rapid Access "Reach & Treat")
Maximizing Your Effectiveness With Minimal Resources

First-in companies may find themselves faced with making critical decisions arriving on the scene of various rope based incidents. This ENTRY LEVEL course will provide students with a solid fundamental knowledge of basic rope rescue equipment along with techniques to safely work through this type of “risk vs. benefit” analysis. Students will train focusing on worse case scenarios providing a systematic approach to committing operationally and focusing on safe yet “RAPID ACCESS”. Participants will utilizes basic equipment found on many responding apparatus. This course will assist agencies, who depend on organized teams to mitigate rope rescue incidents, by providing a working knowledge of “REACH & TREAT” capabilities, independent of an organized technical rescue team. During this one day course, students will be operating in the outdoor environment and should be prepared for any given weather conditions. Reference material, including detailed equipment inventories commonly found on responding apparatus, will be given.

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"Company Level" USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)
Maximizing Your Effectiveness With Minimal Resources

This ENTRY LEVEL two day, Comprehensive practical hands on course focuses on “first-in” company rescue skills for various rescue scenarios. Even with established technical rescue teams, it is often the actions of the “first-in” companies that set the stage for success in any given operation. These “first-in” companies may perform & function with little or no power & hydraulic rescue tools, rope rescue equipment or an abundance of resources. Students will learn skills focusing on their companies operational capabilities during abnormal, yet realistic, rescue scenes. Participants will utilize a systematic approach to size up, risk vs. benefit & available hand tools commonly found on responding apparatus. Information obtained may be put to use during smaller incidents or large scale disasters while operating with little or no resources. Students Should be prepared for participating in hands on training in any given weather. Students will be expected to utilize appropriate and proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Reference material will be provided.

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