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Rescue City has offered courses all over the Northwest. Contact Rescue City and ask about scheduling one. Rescue City has in the past traveled outside of the Northwest to provide training. Don't hesitate to inquire if you are located outside of the Northwest.

Rescue City

Rescue City was formed when Shane Smith and Matt Gilbert partnered up early in 2005. Both agreed that, with all of their combined experience and similar training philosophies, they could develop and deliver quality practical rescue training. Both Matt and Shane continue to progress and feed off of each other’s strengths in the industry. Both posses years of actual technical rescue experience but remain humble and non egotistical when it comes to sharing their knowledge. Matt brings a large amount of technical knowledge to Rescue City after years of employment with Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (SMC), working in the design engineering and quality control division. Matt not only has a solid background in rescue work but is a former avid recreational climber. Combine Shane’s years of professional experience, team development, & his passion for training with Matt's background and Rescue City has the ability to assist newly formed teams with a solid foundation to build upon or provide established experienced teams a solid practical approach to training & equipment needs.

Over the years Matt and Shane have attended several different courses from basic to highly advanced. They have taken and built their current course format based on what works, what didn't work, and what is practical.  Rescue City believes in continuing to educate their instructors, realizing that technical rescue is a dynamic and ever changing field…..we will strive to reach the unobtainable goal of excellence.